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Hybrid minivans in the United States appeared one step closer to reality when The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times ran articles that included recent hints from Toyota. Tokuichi Uranishi, head of global marketing at Toyota, stated, "I think we should have a hybrid minivan in the U.S.".  Further comments led reporters to speculate that one possibility might be a future Prius minivan, although Uranishi added that Toyota had no specific plans to develop other body styles of the world's top selling hybrid vehicle.

Many people believe a minivan hybrid from Toyota (possibly a Sienna) would quickly outsell the hybrid Highlander and could near annual sales of the hybrid Camry. Unfortunately, it's been nearly 7 years of guessing, with no apparent end in sight.  This seems like another great opportunity for a US manufacturer to be first in this category.  Who will step up?
Hybrid Minivan Coming Soon!

When the first "real" hybrid minivan announcement hits the press, you can be sure the buzz will be intense. While there are several hybrid sedans, suvs, and even a couple of hybrid pickups - a green minivan will be one of the most original vehicles of our time. Maybe it will be a hybrid Honda Odyssey or something new from the likes of Dodge, Kia, Chrysler, Nissan, or Ford.  In any case, when the reviews come in, our bet is that the best minivan will be the one with a hybrid logo!  Updates coming below...

06/09/2011: Ford announced today they plan to build a hybrid only minivan to challenge Toyota's dominance in the hybrid car market. Early reports are indicating a 5 passenger van in gas-electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

05/22/2011: Toyota's Bob Carter announced they are looking into building a hybrid minivan that is not based on the Prius. It might be a totally new vehicle or some version of the Sienna or Venza.

10/21/2010: Toyota teased us today with some images of a new hybrid minivan (or minivan-like hatchback) that will come to be known as the Prius V (not 5, but V as in the letter). Expect to see this new Prius in U.S. showrooms in the Fall of 2011.

04/17/2010:  Nikkei, the Japanese business daily newspaper reported that a Toyota Prius Minivan is in the works. No official response has come from Toyota Motors.

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